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Appraisal and definition of the project: 

During the first stage, we will assist you in defining the scope of the project.

We will also identify any Town planning and Title Deed restrictions, identify other stakeholders/consultants which might be needed, set up a preliminary programme or project milestones, and assist in projecting costs.


Concept Design: 

Here the project scope is developed into a more advanced stage. As your Residential Architectural Professional, we will use conceptual 3D drawings, in which we will consider the orientation, space organization, circulation, and site layout.

At this stage a preliminary project budget, preliminary project construction programme and in some cases a preliminary cash flow forecast could be prepared. But because it’s still early in the project it will prove difficult to make very accurate project projections.

Design Development: 

During this stage the design is developed into a set of plans, sections and elevations which reflect the end vision for the building.

Attention is given to materials and finishes, and the different cost implications thereof can be investigated.

Once this stage is approved by you, the architect will continue with working drawings which takes us to the next stage.


Technical Documentation: 

The working drawings are the nuts & bolts part of the process.

These are technical documents which show such things as set-out dimensions, materials, levels, wall heights, beam sizes and window and door locations.

These drawings are often coordinated with civil, structural and mechanical engineer’s drawings.

Working drawings are submitted to the local town council for approval and will also be used to request tenders or negotiate prices with prospective building contractors.


Contract Administration and Inspection: 

This is the practical stage of the building where once again, as your Architectural Professional we will prove very useful.

As your Architectural Professional we will assist you in selecting a competent Project Coordinator, set up and handle the contract documents and do the general administration of the project.

The project management component also entails the monitoring of progress, quality and cost.

As your Architectural Professional we will co-ordinate changes with the relevant consultants and yourself, do the necessary inspections, issue payment certificates and assemble a hand over technical document.

As your Architectural Professional we will close out and finalise all contracts at completion.

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The Processes Required for your Envisioned Project


The processes required for your envisioned project:

Planning Approval Design Phase Preliminary Assessment

Technical Documentation

Design Development

Concept Design

Project Appraisal

Contract Administration

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