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Professional Fees and Specialist Services required before construction:

Various elements are to be considered when planning your renovation projects and new construction projects. One element that is often overlooked is that of the professional consultants.

Without the appropriately qualified specialist, your building will not receive the required certificates, and council approval as required for your new project.

Gone are the days of simply drawing a few lines on paper and calling it a plan ready for approval from the Municipality.

Due to safety regulations, building science best practices, environmental considerations and your local town planning schemes, various consultants and specialists are consulted before a single brick can legally be laid.

The Architectural Design of a project is the measurement of any successful Architectural Practice, behind every design however there are a lot of backroom and less glamorous work involved.

Various elements has to be combined for us to effectively design the most functional and aesthetically pleasing dwelling for your family….Continue Reading

Architectural Professional

One of the first consultants whom we are required to bring in on your project will be the Land Surveyor.

He will be tasked with determining the correct position of your Boundary Beacons, as well as accurately establishing the position of any existing structures, trees and your site gradient…Continue Reading

The Geotechnical Engineers are responsible for completing an on-site Inspection, taking soil samples as well as observing the stability of any existing structures.

They will be brought on to the project once the design phase for your dwelling is completed, and they will do the necessary soil tests according to the Architectural Design of your property…Continue Reading

Geotechnical Engineer

Before any building documentation can be submitted to the local council for approval, the Structural Engineer has to be brought onto your project.

The Structural Engineer is responsible for the design of the Structural System to be constructed for your property, and his involvement is essential during the construction phase of the project…Continue Reading

Structural Engineer

Land Surveyor

An Environmental Impact Assessment will be required for your property, should your property be situated within 100m of the ocean’s high water mark, or 30m from an adjacent river’s 100-year flood mark…Continue Reading

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Any property that is older than 50 years requires approval from the SAHRA before an application for plan approval can be submitted to the local municipality…Continue Reading

SAHRA - Heritage

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Design Phase Preliminary Assessment

Design Development

Concept Design

Project Appraisal

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