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Pre-designed house plans will destroy your dream home:

The missing information no one will tell you about your house plan:

All pre-designed house plans share one major flaw – even though they look different, and they probably embody different design styles, they fall short in one overwhelmingly problematic department: None of them can, nor ever will be successfully used for building your dream home.

All house plans are NOT created equal. These pre-designed, pre-imagined house plans takes the most important aspect of the house plan design for granted…

This is the one thing without which no human being has ever been able to build a house, no matter how many house plans they had in their possession.

The Site and Setting of your future home…

Your property uniquely drew your attention and you bought your property (stand, site) for varying reasons, be it the ocean view you envisioned yourself and your wife enjoying from your bedroom balcony, or the beautiful nature reserve overlooking your stand.

You either considered your property perfect for your family’s future holiday home, or it might have been the size of the property, with enough garden area for your children to enjoy.

Maybe you invested some hard earned capital and you are looking at your first rental development.

The above scenarios describes unique personalities, needs and requirements which embodies unique building sites.

Unique means specific

A house plan randomly designed by a stranger, whom you have never met will never be successfully applied to your unique site.

Why your Site needs a one of a kind custom designed house plan:

The shape and dimensions of your stand :

In all the years that we have been designing homes, we have never had two sites embody the same dimensions.

The width and length of each site differ vastly from one site to the next. That which worked on one site will not work on the next site.

Beside the width and length of a site, the terrain levels on a site presents differing design challenges and requires different design solutions, and therefore we need to design unique solutions in order for us to successfully address your site’s unique requirements.

National and Statutory Regulations:

House plans designed in Spain, USA, India or Botswana will not conform to the National Building Regulations of South Africa.

Unless your house plan adheres to these national building regulations it will not be approved by your local council.

Without plan approval, your house plan will be nothing more than a drawing of a house created by someone, for no one.

Learning how to apply the national building regulation takes experience and many hours spent studying the various regulatory requirements.

Town Planning Scheme:

So how do you determine the size of your future home?

How close to your boundary wall can you build?

How many stories high can your home be?

These are just some aspects of the regulations, as set out by your local authority, which your house plan has to take into consideration.

These also differ from one municipal region to the next municipal region, and from one site to the next site.

Pre-designed house plans were not designed with the ability to take these all important factors into consideration.

Did the designer of the house plan consider your opinion?

When building your future home, surely it should have been designed to your taste and according to your vision and family needs?

One of the greatest rewards of having your own home built from the ground up is to have it tailored to your every need. Why would you want to invest your money building someone else’s dream design?

Pre-designed house plans:

1. An existing house plan design will not conform to the unique design requirements of your site.

2. You will still not have an approved house plan, in fact your house plan can’t even be handed in for plan approval.

3. The designer of the house plan did not consider the national building regulations.

4. The pre-designed house plan does not conform to the entirety of the local town planning scheme, which is used to establish the parameters required when determining the maximum size of your home.

These were but a few of the limitations which these pre-designed house plans embody.

We haven’t even touched on the need for a Structural Engineer, Land Surveyor, Geotechnical Engineer and how they all have an integral part to play in the design, planning, approval and construction of your future home.

These limitations are easily avoided by the appointment of an Architectural Professional.

We will walk you through all the various design stages, carefully considering your personal design needs.

We will seamlessly integrate your unique design requirements with the national and local building regulations and assist you with the appointment of the various specialists.

Your future home deserves our personal and specialised attention ...Contact us now.

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